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Couples therapy & Relational therapy

  • Do you find it difficult to reach out to each other when communicating?
  • Would you like to create more profound understanding between you?
  • Would you like to deepen your relationship?

Couples therapy is aimed at all kinds of couples, no matter your sexual orientation, and focuses on your relationship and everything in between. Together, we examine your respective good and bad points to try to find out which of them might create limitations and conflicts between you.

”Let what is loving become stronger and what is strong become more loving.”

– Roberto Assagioli

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Parterapi i Göteborg

Couples therapy in Gothenburg

Research clearly shows good outcomes for couples who seek coaching or therapy, particularly when they take action in good time. You should seek help as soon as you notice friction developing between you or harmful patterns occurring. However, it is never too late to try to look for a better way ahead.

There might be a host of different reasons as to why your relationship is not working as desired. Whatever your reasons for seeking help are, do not hesitate to consult me; I will be there for both of you. Some of the most common reasons for starting a couples therapy may be that:

  • frequent quarrels are occurring, often around the same subject,
  • the communication between the two of you is inadequate, something which in turn leads to misunderstandings,
  • there is a difference in the expectations between the two of you, which leads to conflict,
  • you have a feeling that your individual needs are not met in your relationship,
  • the intimate side of your relationship is not working, since you do not get the closeness you wish for or because there are too high expectations concerning the intimacy,
  • you have an impression that your relationship is strenuous rather than relaxed,
  • your relationship is no longer developing in a good way, but rather has stagnated,
  • infidelity or some other kind of betrayal has hurt the trust between you,
  • the both of you have made the decision to separate and have a desire to end your relationship in a good way,
  • children with special needs are part of your family, demanding a lot of time and energy, something which does not leave a lot of space and time for you as a couple.

How does couples therapy work?

Both parties must be willing to go through couples therapy. If one of you is reluctant to the idea, it will be difficult to attain the change you wish for. Often, however, a couple of introductory/preliminary therapy sessions can help in overcoming this initial hesitance or reluctance.

During our therapy sessions, I will help you have conversations where you actively listen to each other and increase your mutual understanding. You will both get the time you require for expressing the things you feel the need to vent. Amongst other things, l will contribute by helping you find the right words for expressing your thoughts, to augment your capacity for seeing things from your partner’s perspective and to find the potential for improvement in your interactions. Together, we can work for a healthier relationship. Both of you get to work at finding more understanding for each other, and the communication between you will become central. Sometimes, it might be necessary to find new ways of conducting your dialogue, such as empathic communication.

There are different methods for finding the foundations of a stronger relationship. One of many such methods that has proved to contribute positively in a couples therapy is to look back at the beginning of the relationship, where both of you have the opportunity to remind yourselves why you fell for each other and what your relationship looked like in its early days.

A lot of work will be demanded from both of you and sometimes you will get assigned tasks to accomplish at home in between sessions.

It might be difficult to find one’s way out of the harmful patterns. What we decide to talk about in our couples therapy will vary according to your specific problems. I will meet you wherever you are. You will get the possibility to have a look at both your own and your partner’s perspective, at a deep level, which will create a greater understanding for both the inner workings of your relationship and for each other.

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