Relationscoaching Göteborg

Relational coaching

  • Do you feel the need to develop your relationships?
  • Do you wish to establish better communication with each other?
  • What needs to be strengthened in your relationships?
  • Are you experiencing recurring misunderstandings or cooperation difficulties between individuals in your group?
  • Is your work-team lacking in efficiency and team spirit due to deficient communication or disparate levels of ambition?


In our relationships we need to remember to treat each other with care, understanding and respect.
With my help, you can work on solving your relational problems. We will find ways of breaking up old conceptions and attitudes. With new insights and more force, you will be capable of creating more successful relational patterns.

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Relationscoaching Göteborg

Relational coaching in Gothenburg

Relational coaching comprises couples coaching, family coaching, employee coaching and leadership coaching.

Knowing how to relate to each other might be one of the most difficult challenges we face as human beings.

During our coaching conversations, our aim is for you to reach the goals that you set up for your relationships. We use tools which can give you more joy and a sense of greater togetherness. In relationships such as those between siblings or parents and children, you can develop in harmony and have access to new ways of looking att each other as individuals. You can find ways of rejoicing at your differences and you can choose to experience laughter and joy together, creating a relationship which is rooted in love, friendship and respect.

Sometimes, life does not go according to plan and there are occasions when we might need support to handle a conflict that is causing us harm. Relational coaching can be a good help even in such circumstances. Do not hesitate to contact me in order to obtain more information about coaching for different kinds of relationships.

In the workplace, misunderstandings, relational problems, conflicts and other similar problems may arise. This affects not only the pleasure people take in their work, but also their cooperation and their efficiency. Sometimes the problems come up only between colleagues and at other times, they involve both employees and managers. No matter the situation and the reasons behind, we often need help to be able to meet and overcome communication problems, misunderstandings, fears and personal differences. Through relational coaching and its methods, for instance empathic leadership, we can help you to develop and find greater joy in your workplace.

How does relational coaching work?

As a relational coach, I will help you identify and elucidate your desire to create better relationships. I will stand by you with a strong presence, empathy and knowledge, while you are looking into those things that have not been working properly and the burdens you have been carrying around. With my support, you will find your own personal way to continue developing your relationships.

  • Perhaps you need to meet your own Self in your relationship?  
  • When it comes to changing the relationship, what responsibilities are personal and what others are mutual?
  • How well do your own needs correspond to those that follow from the relationship?
  • Would it be possible for you to gain a better understanding for yourself and thereby a better way of functioning in the relationship?

What things need to be manifested in your relationship? With my help, you get the possibility to bring your relationship to a new level. An existing conflict between you is not a prerequisite for development to take place. All relationships have more potential to develop.

Often, a relationship can benefit from an early intervention, when the challenges are small yet noticeable enough for you to conclude that there is room for improvement, or maybe a new platform on which you can continue building your future together.

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