Therapy & Coaching


For all of us, there may be times where we feel the need to talk to somebody.

To have the opportunity to vent about on-going events in your life, to share your inner-most thoughts or to be able to sort out and reflect over things that are important, together with somebody who listens to your concerns and broadens your perspectives is what may help us develop as individuals.

No matter what your needs might be, therapy or coaching can help you gain more insight
and success.

"Life is not a problem to solve, it's a mystery to live."

- Roberto Assagioli

Therapy & Coaching

Gruppterapi i Göteborg

Group therapy

Samtalsterapi Göteborg

Individual therapy

Parterapi i Göteborg

Couples therapy & Relational therapy

Samtalscoaching Göteborg


Relationscoaching Göteborg

Relational coaching

Livscoach Göteborg

Life coaching


Intimacy, sexuality, desire and displeasure

Samtalsterapeut Göteborg

Happy clients