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Advisory and coaching for clients who have a leading or supervisory role, or any other position of trust, regardless of organization or setting.
Advisory is to support those who support others, to contribute to develop those who develop others.

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Advisory and coaching in Gothenburg

Are you stuck in a rut in your role as a supervisor or team-leader? Maybe you wish that you had more authority in your role and that you dared to be more assertive? Would you like to be a more inspirational instructor or communicator? Do you feel that no one is facing the issues you are, or is it lonely at the top? During our advisory sessions, you are free to address and reflect upon matters important to you in your current environment or at this particular time in the role you are in. During the conversations you are accompanied in finding ways for you to develop and progressively discover how you can increase the value you deliver in your professional role. In parallel you develop as individual. We’ll create insights that will help you navigate through the changes and uncertainty that new challenges often come with.

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The purpose and conversational areas could include topics such as:

  • How can I build trustful and long-lasting relationships?
  • How can I build connection and strength from our diversity?
  • Can I be strong even when feeling lonely, and if so, how?
  • If something hasn’t gone according to my plan for quite a while, how can I get back to a positive momentum?
  • What tools can I use to deal with my self-doubt and feelings of helplessness?
  • How do I handle situations when the pressure is increasing, to a point that it may become overwhelming?
How can you help other people to see the opportunities that lie ahead, and how can you inspire them and bring them along on the journey to overcome obstacles and meet challenging goals? How can we attract that potential that may be hidden among our fellow colleagues, in the diversity and dissimilarities they represent? How can you learn from the people you are trusted to lead or train, and thereby become even stronger as a person and in your professional role? 
With your life and professional experience as a starting and reference point, we create new habits, methods and abilities for further development. Your new ways of working and relating to people in your vicinity, will be helpful tools in overcoming obstacles and achieving what you aspire for.
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