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Group therapy

  • Would you like to enhance your personal development in the company of others?
  • Would you like to gain better insight into yourself through listening to other people’s stories?
  • Are you a work-team or any other kind of team seeking to develop your way of interacting or working together as a group?

Group therapy is a form of therapy where you are offered the possibility to work around different problems together with other people. Together, we examine the factors that may be preventing you and the other members of the group from overcoming our challenges..

Through listening to the life stories of other individuals and taking part in their personal development, you can improve your own personal insight and find the help that enables you to understand how you too could change your life for the time ahead.

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Gruppterapi i Göteborg

Group therapy in Gothenburg

When we open up to the stories of other people, we often find that they resemble ours, something which can help us feel less alone in our experiences.

Through group therapy you get to feel affinity, acceptance and understanding. In our group we create a sense of security, an improved insight into the correlating factors that shape us and an atmosphere of solidarity and support, an environment which creates good conditions for change and personal development.

We all influence each other all the time and in turn, we are influenced by others. Your inner driving force and your need for interacting with others form the frame of the group therapy. You develop both as an individual and as a member of the group. The participants help each other by sharing how they are affected by and perceive the stories, opinions and behaviours
of the other group participants.

How does group therapy work?

  • A group consists of at least three people.
  • We meet on multiple occasions.
  • On each occasion, each and everybody is given the opportunity to discuss their own personal story.
  • Our next group starts as soon as enough participants have registered.
  • If you are interested in group therapy, please send me a message showing your interest to
We as therapists have different tools at our disposal, such as creative methods and Gestalt therapy. During our therapy sessions my colleague and I always work together to ensure that all of the participants are met with understanding and are allowed as much scope and support as is required in every specific situation. We make a point of staying very present during the group conversations; we listen, comment and convey different perspectives. Through an active participation from each person and the joint work of the group, many of the questions raised in the group therapy get helpful answers.
The needs of every member of the group are respected and we try to be there for you in an empathic, respectful and efficient way. We both have a long experience of working with people, and in the group, we focus on every individual’s full development potential.
”Ask yourself if what you do today is going to take you closer to the place where you want to be tomorrow.”
Magdalena Berg - Samtalsterapeut i Göteborg