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  • Do you want to change your way of thinking?
  • Do you need help in reflecting over your life or the way you live?
  • Are you longing for the possibility to fill your life with other things than those available at present, but you do not know how to proceed?

I am here for you.

In coaching you will encounter a thought-provoking process where you can find the inspiration to develop and improve your own potential. My coaching can help you work in- depth both on a personal and a professional level. By creating a greater awareness about the different premises of your life, we can instil courage in you and encourage you to dare to challenge yourself, create commitment and increase your motivation.

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Samtalscoaching i Göteborg

Coaching in Gothenburg

In short, coaching is a way of helping individuals themselves to find what their goals are, make clear which path leads there and be able to understand with greater clarity what needs to be done in order for those goals to be attained. Sometimes, people have a dream that they want to realize, and at other times it may be difficult for them to even find something to dream about.

I will meet you wherever you are in life and together, we discuss where you want to go and what things will feel right for you. When you open up for new possibilities, discover your own answers and find the right words to express your feelings, you can also use them as an important source of information for your own development.

  • Do you know with certainty that you would be able to achieve so much more, but for some reason you never go for it?
  • Do you feel that you cannot make the most of yourself and everything you have to offer?
  • Are you wondering how you could become more authentic and distinct in your personal life or in your role as a manager?
  • Would you like to be able to show more distinctively who you really are?

Together, we will examine what things make it difficult for you to reach your goals. Your difficulties might be connected to different patterns of thought and behaviour established within you, or to outer circumstances in your environment. We will work in a focused way with the aim of getting you past any obstacles that might exist.

How does coaching work?

My job as a coach is to reflect your thoughts and feelings back to you, to help you to find a way to proceed in your process. I offer you support and help you focus your attention on what you desire to achieve. Together, we create the bases which will allow you to ”think outside of the box” and to find you new solutions and possibilities.

Your wishes are important and you will get help to understand that you have a choice. In our conversations we also approach the more vulnerable aspects of your personality, which is important for your capacity to appreciate yourself, in whatever situation. Through the empathic love for yourself you get the possibility of setting sound boundaries for yourself and your personal future.

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