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Samtalsterapeut Göteborg


Magdalena Berg – Therapist in Gothenburg

My chief driving force as a therapist and coach is that I want to help my fellow human beings to develop as persons, find more joy in life and life their lives to the full.

  • I am bound by professional secrecy and you can read about my privacy policy here.
  • When it comes to my professional qualifications, I keep myself updated through regular further training in my subject field.
  • I also receive professional guidance and I participate actively in knowledge exchanges between collegues which follow the ethical rules of the Swedish association for psychosynthesis.
My education at Humanova as a coach and therapist as well as a couples therapist and relational therapist, with in-depth specialist competence in advisory and sexology, and the diploma I have received from them, have given me a solid foundation which enables me to handle client conversations of multifarious types and complexity. With a lot of curiosity and passion, I have myself gone through personal therapy whereby I developed a deepened understanding both of myself as a human being and of those around me. This has also given me the conviction that we all have the possibility to develop as persons and increase the confidence in ourselves.

It is difficult to surpass the privilege and the joy which lie in accompanying people on their journey towards increase conscience, meaning and harmony in life. In my work, I have supported a lot of clients to find insights about themselves and create new bases for making conscious choices. This can lead them to the kind of life that they desire. With my help, many couples have gained a second chance for their relationship, with renewed mutual respect, trust and love as a result.

My knowledge, experience and capacity to stay present in a conversation will bring security to the dialogue, and I meet all my clients with warmth, interest and professionalism. An important task for therapists and coaches is to lend a keen ear to their client, to be able to see each individual and his or her specific needs and qualities. I therefore always adapt my work to every client with the aim of helping that person to get ahead in life. One of my greatest assets in my conversations with my clients is my ability to feel in which time and context it is best to raise a certain question that will contribute in a crucial way to a positive development for the client.

Thanks to my earlier positions within the Swedish aviation industry, as a cabin manager and chief purser and as an aviation industry instructor and course leader, I have in-depth knowledge about service, customer treatment, personal development, educational work, leadership development, and relationship and crisis management. I have also taken courses within the areas of communication, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), safety and stress and crisis management, all of which contribute to my broad professional knowledge. My previous professional experience is of great value in my present profession.

With tools such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and self-compassion, as well as Schema Therapy, creative methods and mindfulness, and with psychosynthesis as our founding platform, I can find tools that are fit for every individual and kind of relationship.

My most important lesson in life is that even if we all have a luggage to carry and every-day life sometimes feels too grey and heavy, even if we sometimes feel lost and are wondering where life is heading, the future can still bring us light, joy, harmony and love. Even when we feel surrounded by problems and challenges, the journey is worth making: the inner journey which will help us to find the future in the present.

I could be of help on your journey. Are you ready to start it?